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The Circle K Club of East Georgia College says:
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This page lists information on our club officers and the members of EGC Circle K.

East Georgia College's Circle K Club was formed and chartered in February 2002. The following members were the charter members of that club. Thanks to them a club based on service, leadership, and fellowship was formed.
Charter Members 2001:
Joy Martin, Belinda Thomas, Carla Cable, Jennifer Black, Kay Meridy, Patsy Wilcher, J.T. Thompson, Rose Beasly, Jamie Yawn, Christina Martin, Pamela Bell, Bennita Walden, Justin Hooks, Wendy Jackson, Lisa Rich, George Fulghum, Barbara Poole, Jennifer Black, Aslei Mills, Arpana Chauhan, Eric Warden, and Elizabeth Pollett

2003-2004 Club Officers

Club President: Patsy Wilcher
Club Vice-President: Angela Cable
Club Secretary: Tina Oglesby
Club Treasurer: Henrietta Weaver
Faculty Advisor: Paul Cerpovich
Kiwanis Advisor: Dr. Tim Goodman

Spiral, Spinning Horizontal Line

We'd like to take the time to say thank you to a few of our members who have helped us with many of our service projects:
Penny Jackson, Katrina Williams, and Bill Thorne (our only guy for putting up with us all).
Thank You for all that you do!!!!!!!

Let us know if there are any events or updates you would like to share with fellow members.