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The Circle K Club of East Georgia College says:
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From Dream to Reality.

In 1936 Jay N. Emerson, a member of the Pullman Washington Kiwanis Club, presented a plan to his club proposing that the Pullman Kiwanis Club purchase a house that could be rented to young men in need of assistance to attend the local college. The plan became a reality as the Kiwanians established the "Circle K House" at Washington State College. For ten years the "Circle K House" became affiliated with a Greek letter organization, although it continued to be sponsored by the Pullman Kiwanis Club.

As Circle K International began to award charters to individual clubs, plans to form Circle K Districts began. By the summer of 1956 there were four unofficial Circle K Districts: California-Nevada-Hawaii, Michigan, Texas-Oklahoma, and Missouri-Arkansas. With the development of the unofficial Circle K Districts, the International Board was faced with another challenge which would eventually cause the International Board of Officers to clearly define their responsibilities as International Officers, since the Districts began to initiate their own programs for service, thus reducing the amount of direct contact between individual clubs and the International Board.

Circle K International is the world's largest collegiate service organization. Its mission not only incorporates campus and community service, but also focuses on developing quality leaders and building friendships. Circle K is not bound to any particular area of service; instead, each club adapts to its local situation and determines an effective and multi-faceted approach toward serving the community. Along with the chance to make a difference now through service, students involved in Circle K have an excellent opportunity to gain valuable leadership abilities and make new friends and contacts.

Circle K combines all of these to create an exciting atmosphere filled with friends,fun, and the spirit of service!

CKI is truly an international organization with over 10,000 members from approximately 500 clubs in 13 countries. It is also a part of a much larger organization: Kiwanis International, a worldwide service organization composed of business and civic leaders who have the desire to become personally involved in making their communities better places to live.  Kiwanis Clubs sponsor Builders Clubs in junior high schools, Key Clubs in high schools, and Circle K Clubs in colleges and universities. They offer advice, manpower assistance, and financial support to their younger counterparts. Together, Kiwanis, Builders Club, Key Club, and CKI make up the K-Family and act as partners in service. In fact, Kiwanis and Circle K share the motto "We Build."


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